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The Socializer

To connect with your peers, take back conversation and shift perspectives.

A unique process designed to organize high-quality conversations between colleagues

The Challenges. To interact in a more meaningful and playful way.

The Challenges build on several dynamics to enable you to interact with your group in the smoothest, most playful and constructive way possible..

  • The simple challenges are made up of an instruction, possibly illustrated or in the form of a question, an inspiration or a mission.
  • The photo challenges allows to take a picture of your group or your surroundings, for instance during a celebration or an exploration.

The Themes. To arrange your challenges with utmost precision.

Participants move from one theme to the next according to their preferences or a pre-established plan. Every one of them include several pre-prepared challenges, either generic or custom-made for your event.

This gives you the opportunity to offer a personalized array of challenges to each group, which may be presented in a random order or a pre-defined sequence depending on the activity you wished to organize.

The Rounds. To give more rhythm to your sessions and intermingle participants

At every turn, the challenges included in the theme(s) are addressed by the members of the group. Two additional dynamics can be added to amplify the interactions between your participants:

  • The Sharing mode: at the end of the turn, the group swaps one participant with another group.
  • The Meeting mode: every group convenes with another group to address one or several challenges, before splitting up again at every round.

Many uses. To create strong bonds in a variety of ways.

  • Network with your peers

    Strengthen the relationships between participants thanks to powerful questions during a speed-meeting or a team-building.

  • Guide the conversations

    You can use the Challenges as an Animation Guide to coach your groups during a Prototyping session an Open Forum, etc.

  • Break the ice between participants

    Organize an ice-breaker or an energizer so that your participants are in the perfect state of mind during the event.

  • Assemble your teams

    Organize a group-making session to intermingle participants until you reach the optimal team configurations for the next steps.

  • Explore in autonomous groups

    Use the Socializer as an escape game or a quest logbook to discover a place (trade fair, venue, museum…) or explore a topic.

  • … and many more!

    This activity is flexible enough to adapt to your own methodologies. Got an idea? Contact us!

Two levers to animate your sessions with depth and finesse

  • The Art of the question urges participants to go beyond superficial discussions in order to truly understand the viewpoints of everyone and create strong, operational yet informal bonds.

  • Through gamification, your teams will learn to get to know each other in a friendly atmosphere while simulating tense and/or quirky situations most likely to reveal the personality traits of each participant.

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