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Decision Making

Making decisions is a big issue for most companies. Whether you want to find a consensus in a large group or you need to choose one idea from many, it can be a real dilemma. These templates give you different ways of facilitating efficient decision making sessions.
These templates can be integrated in an Agile Decision Making Process, in a large group, on a weekly basis or for your own use. You can also have a look to Retrospectives templates that gives you more tools to conduct your agile management.

Facilitate Decision Making with Stormz

At Stormz, we really want you and your team to be able to use these methodologies. That's why we created all the following workshops and described them step-by-step. They are powered by Stormz, an application that helps you design and facilitate your own collaborative meetings, in-person or online, for small and huge groups.

From their own devices, participants builds on each other's ideas and contributions in order to solve real business and societal issues and challenges. Stormz harnesses the creativity of a group with all the collaborative tools needed to generate ideas, prioritize, decide, share results and take action.

  • Brainstorm new ideas

  • Use famous methods

  • Select the best ideas

  • Show results directly

  • Export data

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