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Business, Strategy and Marketing

These workshops can be used to understand a market, analyze a company's environment, explore a vision, craft a strategy or formulate a business model. They allow you to effectively build organizational or personal strategy by according all the stakeholders around a common analysis of your business.

When planning a project, it is important to conduct various analyses about the internal and external factors that can affect the project. There are many methods, which help to conclude about the firm’s current state before taking an informed decision.

Business owners or project managers apply these tools to know where their venture stands, they are very useful for highlighting key issues relating to the context of a project or initiative which, if not identified and addressed, could critically affect the chances of success. The analysis’ benefit is not limited to companies or industries only, but also to products, places, and people.
It allows you to frame these issues in a way that is easy for participants to understand and discuss. They are usually used together, and are applied in a group setting to support effective strategic planning, decision-making and action planning.

Facilitate Business, Strategy and Marketing with Stormz

At Stormz, we really want you and your team to be able to use these methodologies. That's why we created all the following workshops and described them step-by-step. They are powered by Stormz, an application that helps you design and facilitate your own collaborative meetings, in-person or online, for small and huge groups.

From their own devices, participants builds on each other's ideas and contributions in order to solve real business and societal issues and challenges. Stormz harnesses the creativity of a group with all the collaborative tools needed to generate ideas, prioritize, decide, share results and take action.

  • Brainstorm new ideas

  • Use famous methods

  • Select the best ideas

  • Show results directly

  • Export data

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