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Reinventing our workspace

50 employees of BNPP Montreal have tried to imagine how the ideal workspace would look like!

Stormz has designed and facilitated an innovation sprint for BNPP Montreal’s HR teams.

The main goal was for the 50 employees to think of and formulate concrete suggestions to transform the Montreal platform’s workspaces. To do so, we used the Flower Process, a Creative Problem Solving process which helps to identify and prototype ground-breaking solutions in record time, ingeniously mixing high-tech instruments (Stormz app) and low-tech tools (prototyping).

  • A. Take a deep breath

    We’ve gently broached the topic with a Moodboard, a highly creative activity enabling participants to visually represent the trends leading to an ideal work experience.

  • B. Plant seeds of ideas

    Participants formulated many new ideas thanks to three divergence techniques (Brainstorming + Forced Connections + Brainwriting), before converging by choosing the most promising seeds during a $100.

  • C. Turn these ideas into solutions

    Also called “Greenhousing”, this complex phase’s goal is to turn ideas into concrete solutions through prototyping and collaborative evaluation. All the concepts are handed over to the official project manager.

Stormz is an unforgettable experience! Every participant can freely voice their opinion, either anonymously or collectively, and bring new and innovative ideas to the table. This highly interactive and fun instrument is all we need to strengthen collaboration and expand communication within an organization. To try without moderation!

Marie-Angélique Rault. BNP Paribas. Training Manager

Why ask Stormz to design and animate your next innovation sprint?

  • Renowned experts in the field of Creative Problem Solving and large groups facilitation.
  • The right combination of digital tools (Stormz application) and robust methodologies (prototyping) to optimize the session’s efficiency while keeping human interaction at the heart of the process.
  • No stress! We handle all the practical aspects: program design, animation, site layout, iPads renting and installation of an ad-hoc WiFi network.
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