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Stormz for Large Groups and Conference Facilitation

Extract Powerful Ideas from Groups of People Collaborating

Imagine having hundreds of brains working together in the same space.

With Stormz for events and group conferences, you can facilitate creative workshops with hundreds of people in the same room or video call. 

Say goodbye to conferences and one way lecturing. This is a collaborative group workshop designed to be fine tuned to your specific needs. With our industry defining big group workshop techniques and activities, your meetings never had this much energy - we’re talking more fizz than a full pack of mentos hitting a bath tub of cola.

Every business can get stagnant from time to time. Most companies are deterred from shaking things up because large conferences are usually so daunting and unproductive - a mountain of post-it notes anyone?

But re-energising your teams, departments or entire company is vital for ideation and creativity. That ideation is crucial for business solutions that help the organisation prosper and flourish.

Here’s How Large Group Facilitation Works with Stormz

Choose Stormz for your next event

With 50 Built-In Activities Everyone is Engaged

Our activities range from simple surveys to innovative techniques. All our activities borrow from world-renowned and best-practice creative collaboration theory. Group facilitation can require bespoke activities, that’s why our certified facilitators are also on hand to build custom activities to suit your exact needs.

  • Simple to Use on Any Device

    Use your own smartphone or tablet, or rent an iPad.

  • Group Facilitation Made Simple

    Give every member of the group a fair chance to participate.

  • Summarise Results in Real-Time

    No sifting through post-its, analyse, and assess the group results.

  • Export Results Instantly

    Data is readily available as soon as your group meeting ends.

We are Group Facilitators

Stormz isn’t a regular technology provider. We deliver an end-to-end full service solution for large and event-based collaboration, whether online or in-person. Our certified facilitators have years of experience crafting workshops that drive the best group facilitation ideas.

Maximise the power of Stormz with our facilitator network

Stormz was built by facilitators, so we know the role well. Our certified facilitators know how to combine Stormz technology and the science of collaboration for large groups and events. Your top-down conference or meeting can become a world-class collaboration experience. 

Meet our facilitators

The Stormz Box: Wave Goodbye to Bad Wifi

It can be a major pain-point for many businesses, poor wifi can be a blocker to smooth group facilitation. With the Stormz Box, we have all the geeky stuff you need to run large group and event-based collaboration in any room of your choosing. 

Rent More iPads Than Tim Cook

(Ok, maybe not that many…) We have hundreds of iPads available to rent and they’ll all be delivered on-site, fully charged, ready to rumble. Having the right technology is vital for group facilitation and if your business is short, we’ll help you out.

Open up the Stormz Box

Congratulations to the members of Stormz for this digital achievement and the perfect fulfilment of their task: 2 x 1200 participants working together and in groups.

Their digital tools have enabled to hand over the group strategy and to invite the managers to work together crosswise. Stormz managed to conduct this event on both the form and the content: it structured the workshop and drew meaning, with the talent of Alexandre, as facilitator.

Manuel Solé, Directeur Sagarmatha Paris

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