Stormz for Events & Large Group Meetings

Engage hundreds of people with bold collaborative activities

People do not only want to be told things, they expect to be actively involved!

Collaborative events shatter the traditional top-down approach by organising in-depth work sessions where all the employees will brainstorm ideas, develop solutions and evaluate options! Gather your team, department or division to share results, perspectives and new initiatives and chose Stormz to transform your corporate meeting into a highly collaborative event.

A Typical Leadership Summit with bold and collaborative activities

Work with our certified facilitators to design a collaborative event adapted to your business challenges. Even with hundreds of participants.

Choose Stormz for your next event

Use any of our 50 built-in activities to engage the audience

From simple surveys to innovative collaborative activities, use any of our 50 built-in activities to engage the audience! You can also ask one of our certified facilitators to take advantage of our Activity Builder to design a custom activity just for you.

  • Simple to use, on any device

    Bring your own device or rent iPads for a better experience.

  • Collaboration made simple

    Give each participants an opportunity to contribute.

  • Debrief output in real-time

    During your session, show the results to all your participants.

  • Export all the results, instantly

    Right after the end of your event, all the data is made available.

We are facilitators

Stormz goes beyond any other technology provider by delivering a full service solution, from design to facilitation, that will transform any top-down event into a collaborative experience.

Leverage our certified facilitators network

Our certified facilitators know how to combine Stormz technology with the science of collaboration in order to design and facilitate large group meetings.

Meet our facilitators

The Stormz Box, a reliable event technology

No wifi or bad internet access? No problem! Use our Stormz Box (a local server and access point) and transform any venue into an innovative digital collaborative space.

Rent dozens of iPads with Stormz

Need dozens or hundreds of tablets? We got you covered! The tablets will be delivered on-site, ready to use with Stormz.

Get information about our hardware solution

Congratulations to the members of Stormz for this digital achievement and the perfect fulfilment of their task: 2 x 1200 participants working together and in groups.

Their digital tools have enabled to hand over the group strategy and to invite the managers to work together crosswise. Stormz managed to conduct this event on both the form and the content: it structured the workshop and drew meaning, with the talent of Alexandre, as facilitator.

Manuel Solé, Directeur Sagarmatha Paris

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