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Case studies

Get into the perfect state of mind with the Socializer

A major actor of France's defense industry called upon us to animate its yearly gathering dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. The goal was, first, to encourage participants to get acquainted in a half-relaxed, half-studious atmosphere, and then to conduct an in-depth co-construction workshop. In order to address the main theme... more

Gamifiying a museum tour

Stormz is mainly known for organizing large-scale workshops, especially for annual seminars. But sometimes, our clients decide to challenge us and encourage us to leave the comfort zone of our usual collaborative sequences. As long as we're sure of having complete control over the technology and technical aspects (cf.... more

The Socializer to boost participants' involvement during a conference

Through our work with non-profit organizations and meetups, Stormz is committed to make Collective Intelligence more accessible to everyone. Whether it is in companies, SMB's, schools, associations or even within families, our tools and methodologies can benefit the general public.

During this event, Stormz helped Jean-Lucien Mazeau organize a meetup... more

The Grand Paris Sud: shaping tomorrow’s Greater Paris area !

The challenge was simple: make all the elected members of the Grand Paris Sud conurbation work together without having to gather them in one place. To what end? Build a common narrative respectful of each municipality's specificities and which allows them to fully seize and get to grips with the... more

An open-air brainstorming and evaluation workshop

A financial group organized an event with 60 of its executives gathered on the Porquerolles island, off the southern coast of France. Stormz was used to support an outdoors brainstorming session, held in a magnificent garden, followed by a multi-criteria evaluation of the best ideas.


Reinventing our workspace

Stormz has designed and facilitated an innovation sprint for BNPP Montreal’s HR teams.

The main goal was for the 50 employees to think of and formulate concrete suggestions to transform the Montreal platform’s workspaces. To do so, we used the Flower Process, a Creative Problem Solving process which helps to... more

Connecting with the 2020 Group Strategy

We are often asked what our limits are. Our answer never changes: we have none!

For many people, a collaborative workshop is only for small groups. How could we extend it to larger settings?

With Stormz, by combining methodology and technology, we’ve been able to bring 1.200 participants to... more

GCNI : « 15 years to change the world ! »

GCNI : « 15 years to change the world – How to support sustainable development? »

The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation (GCNI)

Enable GCNI to gather ideas from Italian regional communities and companies on how the GCNI Foundation can best support Italian companies willing to achieve sustainable development goals.

In... more

Why not turn your recruitment process into a common purpose?

We are currently looking to fill the position of Head of Consulting, a highly important post which will encompass all departments and involve our whole team. It is therefore critical for us to conduct a collaborative recruitment process to give everyone a chance to voice their opinion, express their thoughts... more

A whole day to work in a collaborative way!

A whole day to work in a collaborative way!


A day to discover, take over and start working together on the new orientations of the Personnel Management Board.

Not less than 6 collaborative workshops proposed activities to take over, to classify and to interrogate the PMB’s strategy as well... more

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