Case studies

The Socializer to boost participants' involvement during a conference

I really enjoyed working with Stormz, especially for their professionalism and their support. The added-value of their involvement methods spoke for themselves, from the very start.

The word cloud really impressed me: we're able to immediately embrace the complexity of a given topic. And creating posters in small groups with the Socializer truly added depth to this historic first for the Democratic Currency's meetup.

Again, many thanks Stormz, it wouldn't have been the same without you.

Jean-Lucien MAZEAU

The Grand Paris Sud: shaping tomorrow’s Greater Paris area !

What impressed me the most was the ability to manage several workshops simultaneously in different locations - as well as the fact that all the specifics and practicalities were discussed and agreed upon with all the referents in a single 90-minute meeting. Moreover, after having a closer look at the data, we were able to identify a dozen common themes that stood out as major issues in every municipality. The following month, we picked it up from here and organized workshops with all the main actors of the project to find concrete solutions.

I would say that organizing workshops with Stormz has two main benefits: first, it works as the backbone for highly collaborative and engaging sessions; second, the data-collecting process is extremely efficient and all the results are immediately available in multiple formats.

Franck Plasse
Advisor to Michel Bisson - Deputy Chairman

Reinventing our workspace

Stormz is an unforgettable experience! Every participant can freely voice their opinion, either anonymously or collectively, and bring new and innovative ideas to the table. This highly interactive and fun instrument is all we need to strengthen collaboration and expand communication within an organization. To try without moderation!

Marie-Angélique Rault. BNP Paribas. Training Manager

Connecting with the 2020 Group Strategy

Congratulations to the members of Stormz for this digital achievement and the perfect fulfillment of their task: 2 x 1200 participants working together and in groups. Their digital tools have made it possible to hand over the group strategy and invite the managers to work together crosswise. Stormz managed to conduct this event on both the form and the content: it structured the workshop and drew meaning, with the talent of Alexandre as facilitator.

Manuel Solé
Director Sagarmatha Paris

GCNI : « 15 years to change the world ! »

Stormz is a very powerful tool. What I really like it's that it is a soft and gentle technology. It doesn't dominate the group and the discussion, but it helps participants to share a working path and the facilitator to harvest, even with a large number of participants, the outcomes of the session

Gerardo de luzenberger
Director at Genius Loci

Why not turn your recruitment process into a common purpose?

Using Stormz was self-evident to recruit the newest member of our team. Everyone was able to follow the whole process, while being given the opportunity to share their thoughts and expectations.

Moreover, I was able to manage this discussion from Washington as easily as if I was with them in our Paris office.

Alexandre Eisenchteter, Stormz co-founder

A whole day to work in a collaborative way!

Because we are starting a new stage in our strategy, we wanted that each PMB’s member took ownership of this strategy by feeling it owner, actor and manager. This day was therefore designed to make participants choosing and building collectively, on the basis of the defined guidelines… With more than 90 participants! Stormz proposed some tools and a facilitation to share ideas in a dynamic collaboration and gave the floor without the well-known onerousness of the restitution phases. All the participants voted in favour of this activity and highlighted that it develops the sense of belonging to a team.

Valérie Mazin

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