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Stormz Make Virtual Training and Education Interactive

Redefine the ground rules for online training with our collaborative learning methods

Make Virtual Training Interactive to Unlock New Ways of Learning

Stormz a digital solution that facilitates collaborative learning online or in-person.

Nobody likes being lectured for hours on Zoom or in a stuffy meeting hall. Collaborative learning is the new way to facilitate awesome training and great interactive seminars are now happening online and in-person with Stormz. 

Interactive virtual training fosters collaborative learning, which involves groups of people (employees, leadership, students, creative departments) learning together wherever they are. Using Stormz and world-leading creative problem-solving methods, these groups will work as a team to obtain knowledge. This is achieved through workshop techniques that extract their perspectives and experiences on a given problem, subject, or challenge. Collaborative learning has an impressive track record and has proven to improve memory recall of concepts and ideas. 

Hook Your Audience with Interactive Virtual Training

Make learning genuinely fun by getting everybody participating in agile and design thinking techniques. Our workshops have collaboration and interactivity at their heart and each style of workshop enables the facilitator to move from reflection to sharing, to evaluation. We’ve all been in lectures where we’ve dozed off, keep your audience engrossed with these workshop techniques:

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Make Virtual Training Interactive and Collaborative with Our 50 In-Built Activities

At Stormz, we’ve made your life easier by building out the box activities that will boost the learning efficiencies of any team. 

These workshop techniques range from simple surveys or quiz to collaborative learning activities. With Stormz, you have full access to any of our 50 in-built activities. If you’re looking for more control, use our activity builder to design a bespoke session.

Teaching In A Classroom? Special rebate for you!

Whether virtually or in-person, one of our founding principles at Stormz is to give every idea an equal chance. Maximising education is extremely important, so we’re offering all teachers and lecturers who are using Stormz collaborative learning activities a huge rebate on the normal price.

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We’ll Help You Design your Interactive Training or Education Program

At Stormz, we are a team of facilitators, so we know the drill. We can use our expertise and workshop techniques, to help you design and implement interactive and collaborative methods into your training and education programs - whether they be virtual or in-person.

If you have trainers or specialists, we can give them a crash course in the Stormz technology to maximise their usage and expertise.

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The Stormz Box: Better Wifi, Better Training

One of the modern barriers to education and training is poor or unreliable wifi. We’ve all been on those calls where everyone starts to freeze up, or in a workshop where the presentation material is still buffering. With the Stormz Box, we have all the geeky stuff you need to run interactive training and educational workshops; in any location of your choosing. 

Rent More iPads Than Tim Cook

(Ok, maybe not that many…) We have hundreds of iPads available to rent and they’ll all be delivered on-site, fully charged, ready to rumble. Having the right technology is vital for training or education workshops and if your organisation is short, we’ll help you out.

Open up the Stormz Box

Stormz is a wonderful teaching tool for my Career training course. It helps me perform collaborative workshops with my students to know exactly what they know or what they would like to learn during my class.

The most relevant workshop is the one dedicated to police interview training. Enabling 90 students to prepare for it in a collaborative way was an immense success.

Moreover, they still have access afterwards and can consult it anytime they wish. I can’t wait to use this for problem resolution in my Police Ethics course.

Nancy Bélanger, Coordinator and teacher of the Police Force methods Program

Collège de la Cité, Canada.

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